Children as Volunteers: Preparing for Community Service

Susan J. Ellis, Anne Weisbord, Katherine H. Noyes

This book will help you:

Tap into a whole new source of volunteers – if you keep an open mind!

Work with elementary school projects, faith community youth groups, and families who want to volunteer together

Learn the facts about child labor laws, parental permission, and other legal issues

Electronic format: Revised! Energize, 2003, 76 pages, ISBN 0-940576-30-9
Printed format: Energize, 2003, 3rd edition, paperback, 76 pages, 8 ½ x 11, ISBN 0-940576-26-0 (USA)

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About the Book:

The only book expressly for agencies about how to incorporate children into an adult volunteer program and find creative ways to use children's fresh perspectives. Includes examples of actual volunteer projects accomplished by youngsters, models of child-adult teams and tips on family volunteering. Learn how to recruit, train and design assignments for volunteers under the age of 14.

Readers' Reviews

"...particularly outstanding in its field, useful for both leaders of volunteer programs and teachers and leaders of children...presents the reader with detailed, creative, and often humorous advice...."
School Youth Service Network

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Brief Excerpt
Excerpted from "Prepare Organisations"
We do not want to be Pollyannas! Although we know the benefits of working with children as volunteers, we recognise that there are always concerns among administrators and staff members to whom this may be a new concept. It is best to address these worries, try to find solutions wherever possible and weigh the pros and cons of the seemingly unsolvable ones. But at least clear the air. Make it comfortable for doubters to state their feelings. Let them know that others have had similar anxieties in establishing the groundwork for children volunteering in their agencies.

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